macho marcos

so i made this bad ass lentil soup for dinner tonight. i found the recipe at some scottish food blog called ”
“s wee bit of cooking”. check it out! i really hope tha baby loved it :D sofi loved it and it was awesome to see her all full and warm. :DD i just learned that a newborn baby shits up to twelve times a day. interesting.


song of the day->> macho nsecurity-dead kennedys

moodfull/a lil cleansed


August 5, 2008. chill. 1 comment.

hurricane sangria


first off, check out this awesome post about watermelon on fastgirls.

well, the hurricane turned out to be a pretty awesome night.  i hung out with sofi , alex and a several glasses of sangria.  i heard weslaco was hit pretty bad, i hope the midwifes are ok.  umm, im really happy that “L” is getting his vaccinations and such , i also really hope that a good family will want to adopt him. :]  i secretly wanna see him grow old cuz he’s super big for only being five months old!  big dogs that are super friendly and loving are the best. some noob today at work said that he wants to wait till he’s older to have kids he reasoning being that he still wanted to have fun with his life as if having a child is no fun at all or a burden.  he’s so smart..  ugh, subway makes em gag.  today i smoked out in the freezer, i felt free.

the song that got me through work>> intocable – adios mi amor

funkymood<<>>sangria mamia

July 27, 2008. chill. 1 comment.


i have work in one hour..heres a video for u

July 21, 2008. chill. 1 comment.


well i feel grateful for all the capabilities i have and the small community of friends i share my life with”:”  never really took blogs too seriously but we’ll see where this one goes//  i should type out that i work at subway, so in time to come i’ll look back and remember these days.  today at work my new friend Beto (i don’t think he likes to be called by that name but i think its cool) smoked me out when he clocked out around ten thirty or so, it was radical“  since i was closing the store, i got out a hour later.  with mary by my side  we went on a cleaning frenzy  which was super awesome cuz i felt like i was preparing to be a janitor which i really wanna do so i can bring the bread home<><>  well ima  go on an adventure to get some munchies for the pregnant one..  see ya later  and take a walk!

tune of tha day<><>>> bottoms up – justin martin

mood<>>> adventurous

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